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Wednesday 24th February

English 9:00am

How does the climate crisis impact on the basic needs of farmers overseas? Learn why decent incomes for cocoa farmers are essential for farmers to cope with the challenges that the climate crisis brings.

We all have basic human needs, such as food, water, shelter and medicine. How does the climate crisis affect the ability of farmers in the Global South to meet their basic needs? Today, you will learn why decent incomes for cocoa farmers are essential for farmers to cope with the challenges that the climate crisis brings.


There is a global challenge that is putting the basic needs of cocoa farmers like Thérèse at risk. It is called the climate crisis.

Look at Slide 1 of the Presentation which asks, ‘what do you know about the climate crisis?’ Spend some time thinking about this. 


Look through the powerpoint presentation. As you go through it, write some of your thoughts and feelings down about each slide. 


Now look at the challenge cards. For each card, try and write an answer to each of these questions;

What is the challenge?

How will this challenge affect a farm?

Will this challenge affect basic needs?


Add any new information to your knowledge organiser.


Maths 10:30 am 

  • Number of the day - 3digit number 
  • The 3 times table


Topic 1pm 

Now you know a little more about Fair Trade and what it is all about, take a look at the Fair Trade logo. This logo is found on all Fair Trade products to show people that it is Fair Trade. 

It is known around the world as the Fair Trade symbol. 


You have 2 choices this afternoon, you can either;

1. Redesign the fair trade logo (take the logo and change little bits so that it still looks similar but a little different.) 

2. Design a totally new logo so it looks completely different. 


Some ideas - 

You can design a logo using fair trade wrappers (actual wrappers if you can or drawings of wrappers) 

A logo that shows the fair trade countries 

A logo that shows fair trade farmers and families 

A logo that shows needs and wants of fair trade families like Therese's




Aut3.11.3 - The 3 times-table

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