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Wednesday 27th January

At some point today, don't forget to check how your seeds are getting on. 

Record with words to describe what they look like and draw pictures on your diary sheet. 

English 9:00am 

  • Read through the life cycle of a plant. Draw what you think it is telling you. 
  • Read it again and find any words you do not know the meaning of... ask these words a grown up if possible, if not, ask them Mrs Wood on Teams. 
  • Find any buzz words you think are important, that describe how plants grow. 
  • There are 6 life stages of a plant. Can you find them all? 
  • Fill in the blank life cycle of a plant using the information you have read. 
  • You could watch the short video about life cycle of a plant to help you too. What is the life cycle of a plant? - BBC Bitesize




Maths 10:30 am

  • Number of the day - pick any 3 digit number 
  • Subtract 3 digit from 3 digit - exchanging. 

You will need the golden rule for today.... 10 ones = one ten....10 tens = one hundred. 



Topic 1:00pm 

  • Today we are going to hunt for signs of spring. 
  • Watch the BBC video that tells you what the signs of spring are (so you know what you are looking for!) 
  • Take a piece of paper and a pencil, or a device to take pictures, and go outside and see how many of these signs of spring you can spot. 

If your grown ups are busy, the garden and around your house will do fine. But, if possible, you could go for a long walk with a grown up to spot these. 

Send what you find to Mrs Wood. 


Resources for Topic

Britain in Spring Time | BBC Teach

Cress experiment - Wednesday