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Wednesday 3rd March

English 9:00am


Interview a family member about their job. 

Think about different ways to start your questions. What...?  How...? Why...?  When...? 

Write down your questions and their answers like a news reporter would 


Maths 10:30am 

Number of the day 

Video and sheet - divide by 8

When you have watched the video and had a go at the questions on the sheet, check your answers. How did you do?

Now play hit the button Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds ( Choose the division button today and practise dividing by 3,4,or 8


Topic 1pm 

You have 4 different job on your sheet with lots of different lessons next to them. Can you work out which lessons would be useful for each job? Think really carefully about how each job is done and what skills you need for it. Then what lesson at school would be useful for that skill. 


Challenge - can you consider what part of the subject would be useful for that job? If you have said that a weather forecaster would need maths, which part of maths? Would all of it be useful? Would some parts of parts be more useful than other parts? 

Each subject at school is made up of lots of smaller subjects. Maths talks about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions etc. 


Aut3.12.3 - Divide by 8

Resources for Topic