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Week 11

🎉 Happy 5th Birthday 🎂

Come and see what your friends have been doing this week

🌈 My lockdown video diary 🌈

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Hello 👋🏻 
Hello everybody, how are you all this week? I hope you’ve all found lots to do at home whilst it’s been raining. We’ve played lots of Lego, watched films and have been video calling our family and friends. We’ve still been out on our walks, we’ve just worn our coats and wellies. One day we walked to see my little boys Granny and Grandpa. They had bought him a new bubble toy to play with in the garden. It was so much fun, Raisin enjoyed it too, she kept chasing the bubbles! 

This afternoon we had something unusual happen... the back door was open and a little bird flew into our house. It was only a baby and it looked a bit lost. Mr Hayward carefully lifted it out on a basket and put it back in the garden. We all sat quietly in the window and watched. The mummy bird came with some food and then after a little while it flew away. 

I hope you all have a good week this week. The weather might be wet again so if you look in the Week 12 home learning folder you’ll find some great indoor games and exercises based on your favourite Disney films. I wonder which ones you’ll choose to do, I bet lots of you will choose the Forky one! Email me and tell me your favourite then I can put it on the page to tell your friends which ones to try. Also remember to look at the Story Time folder for the new stories, this week I read The Dinky Donkey. 

I’m looking forward to speaking to a few more of you on the phone this week. Remember if you want a phone call ask your adult to email and ask. 

Miss you lots.

Lots of love,

Mrs Hayward xxx

Hello from Mrs Sykes 

Hello everyone what have you all been up to this week? I hope you have all had fun and managed to get out even though it has been raining a lot this week. 


On one of the sunny days ☀️ we went for a walk and found lots of beautiful painted pebbles all in a line down a path. The pebbles all had different pictures and patterns on them. They were so bright and colourful 🎨 it was such a lovely sight. 

Another day when it was raining we got our waterproofs on and went for a long walk through the woods. Lucy loved splashing in all the puddles 💦. When we came out of the woods we walked by the river and some geese came up to see us. We have also seen lots of lambs in the fields this week on our walks. 

I can’t wait to hear all about how your week has been and see your pictures 😊. I am missing you all! 

Lots of love 

Mrs Sykes xxx


Hi from Mrs Coles

Have you been enjoying the rain 🌧? It’s a bit of a change to last week but we have enjoyed putting on our raincoats, umbrellas ☔️ and our wellies and splashing in puddles! 


We have also been building lots with Lego and Duplo! 

Have you watched the stories we have been reading to you? I have read you my favourite Harry and the Dinosaur stories 🦖🦕

What have you all been doing? Email me with your updates and remember I can call you to talk on the telephone! 

Love from Mrs Coles xxxx


P.S. Have you watched all our jokes on the Staff Challenge page? This is my joke ....😉


Mrs Coles’ Joke

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