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Week 12

Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French

This week we are learning about the things we need to help us to grow and to stay healthy. How many different ways can you think of to help you stay healthy? On this page you will find lots of ideas of things you can do to help you to grow strong and be healthy. 

Oliver’s Vegetables 

After listening to Mrs Sykes reading Olivers Vegetables, have a go at completing the following activities.


BBC Learning - What Do Humans Need To Stay Healthy

Healthy Living 

Look at this PowerPoint about Healthy Living. Why is it important to be healthy?
Can you talk about different ways to stay healthy?
Can you identify healthy and unhealthy foods?


Have a go at making an alphabet food poster, talk about whether the foods you choose are healthy or not healthy. 

Try out this CBeebies game 💻 to see if you can guess the vegetables. 

The Healthy Eating Song

Can you find the healthy food to put into your lunch box? 



Physical activity 


The NHS Change4Life website have lots of great activities to keep you fit and healthy, all based on your favourite films. Many of them can be done indoors, which is great for the wet weather this week. Click the picture to explore them all and find your favourite!

Creative activities 


Can you make your own healthy snacks? This website (click the picture) has got some really fun and simple snacks for you to try. 

Learn To Make Fruits With Play Doh | Learn Fruits | Fruits For kids | Play Doh Fruits | Kids Tv

Purple Mash 💻 

This week you have a challenge on purple mash. Can you help to sort out the foods into those which are healthy 🍎 and unhealthy 🍫? 



You can watch daily phonics lessons on YouTube at 10am everyday. Search Letters and Sounds for home and school or click on image below for the link.

Look on our Phonics page for the phonics worksheets we do at school and more ideas 

Home Learning Packs

Please find this weeks home learning packs here....