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Week 14

🌱 This week we are learning about plant growth 🌱

Over the past few weeks you have been learning about the human body and how it grows and changes over time. Listen to the story of Titch, a little boy who is smaller than everyone in his family. But one day he plants a seed and he watches it grow bigger and bigger and bigger...

Titch by Pat Hutchins

Still image for this video

Can you plant a seed and watch it grow like Titch? 🌱

Try planting cress seeds or sunflower seeds.
What do they need to grow?

Do they needs water 💦? Sunlight 🌞?


Click on the picture below to watch a video all about the things plants need to grow. ✏️ You  could have a go at designing a poster to show the things which plants 🌱need to survive.


Take a look at Mr Bloom’s allotment by clicking on the picture for the link. You can play games, watch videos and see some ideas for activities. 






What do Plants Need to Grow?

Maths fun with Zog!

Click on the pictures for the link to this weeks maths. Mrs Coles has read you the story of Zog this week.

Zog by Julia Donaldson

Daily phonics lessons on YouTube

Don't forget the daily phonics lessons on YouTube. Click on image for the link...

Purple Mash 

Explore the garden centre on Purple Mash. Plant some seeds and watch them grow! 🌱