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Week 2

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Have you seen teddy bears in peoples' windows? You could put a teddy bear in your window! Then if you go out for a walk you can try to spot the bears!

You could 

  • count how many teddies you see on your walk
  • count them the next day and see if there's more or less
  • take a note book to write the number of teddies, or write the number of the house they're in
  • change the window you put your teddy in, and see if other people do the same
  • give your teddy in the window something to do, like read a book, hold a note, clean the widow. He or she could have a different job and a different widow every day!


You could also...


  • hide a teddy somewhere in your house or flat, and see if your grown up or brother or sister can find it? Bob likes to do this!
  • read your teddy a story. teddy bears love stories! Or make a story up. Sing and dance with your teddy too!
  • have a teddy bear's picnic, but don't forget to invite your other toys too!
  • be the teacher, and teach teddy some numbers and how to write his name. sing the welcome song and make teddy the leader. Teddies like jobs to do! Make sure teddy does the safety check around the house or garden.
  • arrange your teddies and toys in order of size, from smallest to biggest, or biggest to smallest. If you have a tape measure you could measure them and write down the numbers
  • watch your favourite film or TV programme with your teddy, and talk to them about what you can see. Get your blanket and snuggle up!
  • do some exercises with your teddy




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