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Week 7 and 8



You may be aware that teachers of older children are sorting packs of worksheets for families who don't have access to a printer. I would not advise that Nursery children are accessing these worksheets. The worksheets for Reception are for children who are a year ahead and have had a lot of practise with their writing. I will not be providing worksheets for Nursery age children as I don't think they are appropriate.

Please have a look at the writing star below for ideas around young children's writing, and please email me for any further ideas for your child.

You are all doing such a fantastic job, and your children are learning through play and talk and sharing stories. Plenty of time for worksheets when they get older!

Take care

Sally x


Hello parents

The theme for the next couple of weeks is “My Home”.

There are a lot of activities and also the new “writing” star with ideas around early writing, so plenty to keep little ones occupied.

Again I’ll set it into screen and non screen. The screen ideas might not necessarily relate to the theme, just some good websites that I’ve found that I want to share.

Please continue to contact me with photos, and for any support or advice that you need. I’ll do my very best to help.

Karen, Ellen and Rachael have also offered their emails to be contacted; these can be found on the first Nursery class page.


Take care

Sally xx