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Week 8

💻 Check out Purple Mash for this weeks new challenges 💻

Explore Maths City for lots a different maths games and try and beat the timer by reading and typing the high frequency words. Can you beat your own score?



This week we are learning all about worms

Below are some ideas of the things you could do at home this week to learn about worms. 

Superworm by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Listen to the story about Superworm. Can you hear the rhyming words?

Can you think of your own 'super' thing that Superworm could do? Draw a picture 🖊 and write a sentence about it, then email 📧 it to us and we can put it on here to show your friends. 

Superworm has lots of minibeast friends, how many minibeast 🕷 🐛 🐜  friends can you find living in your garden? You could use these sheets or make your own. 




Worms For Kids

Learn some fun facts about worms in this video! Can you write down the fun facts you have learnt about worms and email 📧 us a picture to share on here?

Creative ideas 


Make your own worm, this one looks like so much fun!


Would you like to try some worm painting? 

All you need is some cooked spaghetti, white paper and paint. Have a go at dipping your spaghetti into the paint and wriggling it across the paper to see what patterns you can make. If you don’t have any spaghetti you could use pieces of string or wool instead. 

DIY paper crafts for kids - Paper worm


On the White Rose Maths website this weeks activities are based on Spiders. Here are some examples of the types of activities on the website if you would like to have a go! 

Mr Tumble Songs | There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden 🐛

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special to this nursery rhyme, There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden!