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Week 9

Come and see what your friends have been doing this week!

Hello from Mrs Hayward

Hi 👋🏻 everybody, I hope you have all had a good week. I've had a good week as I got sent a very special video of some of you and I spoke to more of you on the phone 📞 ! It's so lovely when I can hear your voices, see your smiley faces 😀 and find out about all the fun you've been having. I was also pleased to hear that you're enjoying the challenges the teachers are doing (if you haven't seen them look on the main class page), you said they are making you laugh and smile - which is great because that's what the teachers want!


This week when it was sunny we went on an adventure! We went on a walk up the big hill behind our house to Ashover Rock. We were worn out when we got up there so we stopped for a drink and a snack 🍪. On the way back down we went exploring in the woods to find sticks we could use to make different things, like we do on Forest Friday. Raisin got a bit mucky so when we got back we gave her a wash, but she was so hot she tried to drink the water instead!

This weekend we have a project! We had a delivery that came in a very big box 📦 and my little boy wanted to make something out of it. His favourite thing to watch at the moment is called Transformers Rescue Bots, so he wanted to make it into Optimus Prime. We're still on the painting stage at the moment but it is looking good!


This week is half term and it's going to be lovely and sunny ☀️  so I want you all to have fun and enjoy time outside with your family. Have a look at the half-term folder for some different ideas. We’ve had a look, we’d like to fly a kite 🪁 but we don’t have one so we're going to make one out of paper and string. I wonder what you will do... I can't wait for you to email 📧  me your photos so I can find out.


Keep having fun everyone. 

I miss you!

Lots of love Mrs Hayward xxx


Hello from Mrs Sykes 

Hello everyone I hope you have all had a good week 😊!  I have enjoyed chatting to some of you on the phone this week and I loved seeing the special video that was sent to us, it made me so happy 🥰. 


This week we had a special treat. We ordered an afternoon tea which was full of sandwiches and cakes and we sat outside to eat it in the garden. My favourite cake was a chocolate cheesecake it was so delicious 😛. Lucy loved trying lots of the sandwiches and sweet treats 🧁🍰. 


We have been exploring on our walks this week  and we have found lots of interesting things. We saw a tree with knitted fabrics wrapped around it and some  sculptures with funny faces in the park. 


We have walked by the river and we saw lots of geese and ducks in the water. We stopped to feed them some bread and then they came up close to us to say hello which made us smile 😀.


I hope you all have a fantastic half term holiday and I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear about what you have been up to 😊. 


I am missing you all, 

lots of love 

Mrs Sykes xx

Hello from Mrs Coles 👋🏻
My week started off with such a lovely surprise.... your video! I loved seeing some of your faces and hearing your voices. It made me very emotional and made me miss ALL of you soooooo much!

I’ve read you a story this week! You can watch me and all the Reception Teachers read stories here....


Our week has been spent in the garden. The boys found focussing on school work really tricky this week, so we played and played and played! We went out on our bikes and scooters, planted sunflower 🌻 seeds, baked some bread and had fun with the water slide. 


It is officially half-term next week and I don’t want you to worry about ‘school work’ ... I want you to play, laugh and do whatever makes you happy! 😃

Please keep in touch and email me... I really do love hearing from you! Lots of love, Mrs Coles xxx