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Week commencing 5th January 2021


This week we are reading the story A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.


Listen to the story and retell it  to your adult, using the pictures to help you. If you have the animals at home you can act out the story too or draw pictures to show what happens. 

A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. Children's story. Audiobook. Read-aloud.

Have fun joining in with the song...

A Squash and a Squeeze song



Can you build a house big enough for the old lady and the animals? You could use building blocks, playdough or junk modelling. Can you find some toy animals to test it out?



In PE this week we are going on a jungle adventure. We will be cheeky monkeys moving around on the jungle floor. You could practise moving like a monkey. Here are some exercises you could have a go at..

  • Shuffle around on your bottom.
  • Lift your bottom off the floor and count to 10.
  • Count how many hands and feet you can lift up at the same time. 
  • Explore making different shapes e.g. tucked in, very narrow, spread out, as long as possible.