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Week commencing 8th February 20021



This week we are reading The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson. 

Bedtime Stories | David Schwimmer | The Smeds and The Smoos | CBeebies

Can you design your own alien? You could draw a picture of your alien and add labels to your drawing. 

Download The Smeds & Smoos Home Learning Pack here 👇🏽


This week we are exploring colour mixing. If you don't have paint at home you could try colour mixing with food colouring or coloured cellophane (from your leftover Christmas chocolates!)


The primary colours are       RED       YELLOW    and      BLUE. 


What others colours can you make by mixing these together?


Watch the powerpoint below to help you.



You have been set a 2do on Purple Mash. Can you find the matching pairs of aliens in the matching game? 


You could also have a go at designing your own rocket for the aliens to travel in. 




In P.E we are continuing to practise balancing on a line. You could lay a piece of string on the ground or a skipping rope to make a line. You could also draw a line with chalk outside if you don't have a rope. 

  • Try standing on the line and stretching up as high as you can.
  • Try standing on the line and bending your knees to move up and down. 
  • You could play Pat a Cake with your adult while standing on the balls of your feet on the line. 
  • Can you catch and throw a ball while standing on the balls of your feet on the line?