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Week commencing Monday 16th November


  • This week we are learning all about Circles, triangles & prepositional language. 
  • Please click on the image for this weeks Maths learning and activities.
  • Each day, watch the video and complete the activity. 



Phonics & Handwriting



Can you recognise these characters? Can you read their names?

Meet the ORT characters

If you have a printer at home, have fun colouring in the characters you’ve learnt about. Click on the picture to take you to the website. 

Topic - Harvest

CBeebies: Harvest Time With Down On The Farm

Watch this clip from Down On The Farm and learn about harvest time.


A video looking at harvesting.


Can you create a piece of artwork related to Harvest time?
There’s some great ideas here

Email us photos of your artwork and we can add it to the whole school Harvest folder for everyone to see! 




In PE this week we are going to be astronauts going on a adventure to explore the moon 🌕. Can you practise moving in different ways around the moon? You could try some of the following movements... 

  • Swing your arms and bend your knees on the spot. 
  • Jump up, first bending your knees to jump to take off and then bending your knees to land. 
  • Jump up and down on the spot in time with a beat. 
  • Jump forwards and then backwards. 
  • Jump from side to side. 
  • Jump up and land first using one foot and then two feet. 
  • Jump in time with an adult or sibling. 


You could have a go at this 5 Minute Workout by Joe Wicks. Click on the picture below to take you to the website.