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Week Starting 10/1/22

All the work for the week is on this page, make sure to keep scrolling to the bottom! Any questions, please get it touch with school. 



Topic Lessons

"London" is our next topic, can you can find London on a map of the UK?  

London is the capital city of England. Did you know, there is going to be a half marathon in London that goes around a lot of landmarks in London? Here is the route of the half marathon (See picture). 


You can go on your own "half marathon/mini marathon" around your house/garden collecting facts about landmarks in London using the sheets below. These can be stuck on the wall or you can stop and show these on your phone. Then you can write a fact about each place on a piece of paper or on your "Landmark fact sheet". 

2Talk to a partner again about London landmarks. Which were the most interesting. Have you seen any before? 

Focus on the Monument and talk about what it might be memorialising. Have you heard of the great fire of London before? What have you heard? What might it be? What do you think happened? Without finding out the information, can you have a guess of what you think might have happened, and why there is a monument built about the experience. Write a few sentences about your ideas. 

3Can you write a list of questions about what you would like to know about the great fire of London? Make sure to use your best handwriting. Don't forget that all questions need a questions mark at the end, and start with a capital letter. How many questions can you think of? Can you start your questions with different questions words (who, what, when, where, how, why)?




English Lessons
1 Watch this video. You will need a pencil and some paper to write down the spellings in the video at the start. You will then need to listen carefully to the story of Baba Yaga! Taking note of the main parts of the story. After listening to the story use the sheet below to box up the story into a story matrix (6 boxes – Where? Who? Problem? Solution? Ending? Learning?). You can draw a picture in each box and label their pictures. 
2 Watch this video. Retell the story (out loud) in full from yesterday. Now, you can create a story map – step by step concentrate on creating an accurate story map.

EXTENSION – Write a sentence (e.g.):

I think Olga did not tell her mum about Baba Yaga because….

3 Watch this video. 

Retell (out loud) the opening to the story. Think carefully about the characters in the scene and how they are feeling. Complete a character’s feelings grid (See sheet below).