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Week starting 14/2/22

Maths sheets:


DAY 1 (practical task) - introduce the idea that a picture in a pictogram can equal more than one. Sometimes a picture can equal 2, 5 or 10. Collect a range of small foods ie pasta, rice, raisins, chocolate buttons etc. Take a small handful of each (so you have between 2-20 of each, ensuring the number is even) and then place them all in a bowl. Ask your child to create a pictogram for the contents of the bowl where one picture (ie a circle) is equal to 2 of each food. Alternatively you create a pictogram for what you can see out of the window. 





Day 5 - Try to involve as many members of your friends and family as you can to join in (over FaceTime or over the phone) and taste some different flavour crisps (or a range of biscuits/chocolate!) and tally who prefers which object. Create a block diagram for your child to complete to show which items people preferred. At the end, see if your child can answer questions about which was the most/least popular item.





Children should, over the course of a few days, design a 17th century house and then make one from card/empty cardboard packaging. They can then decorate their house and evaluate how good they feel it is. Take a picture and email it to their class teacher if they would like to share their work!




Each day your child should write a diary entry of what they have done - just like Samuel Pepys.


Children should write complete, accurate sentences using capital letters at the start of each sentence, spacing between words and full stops at the end of each sentence. They should also write in the past tense.