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Week Starting 17/1/22

All the work for the week is on this page, make sure to keep scrolling to the bottom! Any questions, please get it touch with school. 



Topic Lessons

Quick quiz- Can you remember all the countries that make up the UK and their capital cities? 


Last week we looked at what questions were and wrote many questions about what we wanted to find out about the great fire of London e.g. where did it start? We have put all of our questions together and made a question sheet. Your task today is to look at the information sheets below and to find the answers to our questions. Please write in full sentences when you answer the questions, using a capital letter and a full stop.


Quick quiz - True or false: is London the capital city of Scotland?


Today can you watch this video, which is a re-telling of the great fire (so the people are actors). As you watch it, can you try to imagine what it might have been like for the people who lived at that time. How would they have been feeling? What would it have heard? What would they have smelt? What would they have seen? Would it have been a nice thing to live through? 


Watch it a couple of times. Then write a few sentences about the people experiences. e.g. They would have felt.... because.... They could see.....They could hear... 


*Can you add adjectives into your writing e.g. The people could hear crackling fire.


Today we are going to go back in time. Lets look at a timeline. A timeline is a "a graphical representation of a period of time, on which important events are marked." Can you draw a line on a piece of paper and put on all the events of today so far. e.g.


    |           |               |                   |

 7:30am   7:45am    8:00am        9:00am

woke    brushed      had             started 

up        teeth          breakfast    work


Now lets think on a larger scale, lets think about whats happened over the years. Look below at the pictures for a timeline. We need to order these pictures to put them on a timeline. Which came first? Which comes next? Can you organise then from earliest in time to the most recent?



Once you have done that see if you can spot which one we are going to be focusing on, it is the one that is in the year 1666 which was around 350 years ago.


Next, have a look at the "London Past and Present Lesson Presentation (pictures of London at different stages in history)" to discuss where London is and how it has changed. Go up to slide no. 15. Look at pictures of landscape, buildings and homes, transport and people from present day London.


How was London different in the past? How was it different then than it is now?  Use  "London Past and Present Activity Sheet" to draw pictures of London in 1666 and 2022. You could draw pictures of: buildings, people, types of travel, a street at night?


Life in London in 1666:

Look at the video clip and think about:

What would it be like to live in London in 1666? What would life be like if you were poor or rich? How would people communicate with each other ( phones!)? What would happen if people became ill? How did people get food and water?

17th Century Jobs:

What jobs do people do today? What jobs existed in 1666?

Read through list of "17th Century Jobs Activity Sheet" together and decide which would you most like to do? And which would you least like to do?. Have a look at the job of the fire fighter; what equipment do fire fighters use to do their job now?


Fire Fighters Then and Now:  sort the pictures using "Fire Fighters Then and Now"

"Activity Sheet" to decide which equipment was used by fire fighters in 1666 and today. Can they write a sentence or sentences about what they think it was like to be a firefighter in 1666? Or could draw a  picture of someone working in 1666 and someone working today e.g. a rat-catcher (1666); a different job from present-day living.


1Watch this teaching video and Miss Cashin will lead you through how to use use preposition of place to describe a setting
2Watch this teaching video and Miss Cashin will lead you through how to using the skill of reading and inferring information. 
3Watch this teaching video and Miss Cashin will lead you through boxing up the opening to the "Boba Yaga" story. (sheet provided below)