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Weekly Spellings

Write your spellings out once every night.
You could even challenge yourself and try to write it without looking! 
There will be no formal spelling test in school, but we do expect you to use these spelling rules correctly in your writing. 
Please return your spellings to school the following Monday. 

Week commencing 7th December to be handed in 14th 

Words using the prefix 'mis' meaning the negative.

Week commencing 30th November- to be handed in 7th 

Words using the prefix 'dis' meaning 'does not' as in 'does not' agree. 

Week Commencing 23rd November to be handed in 30th

Words using prefix 're' which means 'again' or 'back' 

Week Commencing 16th November - to be handed in 23rd November 

Challenge words 

Children are working on techniques in school to help with these words