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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Theme from September-December 2020

• Read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and/or watch the Bear Hunt video (see below). Learn the words off by heart. This is great for language development!


• Re-tell the story and use different resources around the home to make the sounds. Pots and pans make great instruments!


• Make a map of the bear hunt. Follow a map around the garden or the house, making obstacles to go over, under and through.


• Hide a teddy around the house or garden. Give clues as to where he or she could be. Is he under something? Is she inside something?


• Let your child be the teacher and teach teddy! Check the weather and sing the Welcome Time song. How many teddies are here today?


• Watch your favourite programme with teddy, and talk about it afterwards.


• Draw a picture of teddy.


• Make clothes or superhero masks for teddy.


• Make the swishy swashy grass by cutting paper into strips. If you have green paint you could paint it first.


• Play with water and make a splish splosh sound.


• Take toys into the bath and act out the family going through the river.


• Make a forest with twigs or sticks and “stumble trip” through with small figures or your fingers


• Make a muddy puddle in the garden and “squelch squerch” in it


• Make a snowstorm with tissue paper


• Make a cave with blankets and cushions


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Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen tells the Bear Hunt story...

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