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What you've been up to!

This is a space where we can post pictures of what you’ve been up to. If you have pictures you would like to share, please email your class teacher.

Another story time from a year 2 child! What a wonderful story!

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poppy story part 2.MOV

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One child was inspired to read their own story for you all to listen to.


You can listen to it on the Story Time page. It’s a fantastic retelling of The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water.

Inspired reading!

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A wonderful reading of "Tidy by Emily Gravett" - You can find this reading on our story time page as well.

Tobi has been creative - writing a lovely number poem.

Nathan listened to the story Look Up from our online learning tasks and was inspired to draw this wonderful rocket! Zoooooom!

Fantastic Geography learning...

Home learning is giving you lots of opportunities to learn new and wonderful skills!

What a wonderful range of learning you are all doing at home! Coding and gymnastics - multi-skilled!

Lula's wonderful English work!

Inspiring illustrations!

An awesome piece of writing about Super Smoochy!

A beautiful new arrival - welcome to the world! What a fantastic big brother!

Learning to canter for the first time!

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Oakie has had two new members to his Belle and Elsa!

Lots of half term fun!

Mindful listening outside. The beautiful, descriptive language shows how mindfully you are listening!

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A letter from the Queen!

Artwork and Poetry inspired by the Under the Sea themed learning. It's so wonderfully creative!

Using maths to solve real-world problems is such a useful skill!

Beautiful artwork and learning chess - I'll bet he will be better than Ron Weasley!

Some fantastic writing about a lighthouse project!

Drawing, baking, walking through the forest. Such fun!

Nathan has been doing some wonderful descriptive writing!

Visit from the tooth fairy, Lego, V.E. day wreath making and biking! WOW!

Practising making a graph - Very neat work, well done!

Learning to ride a bike and decorating a window - beautiful!

Learning to tie shoe laces - fantastic! Very impressed!!

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Soraya wrote this contribution for the Mass Observation project - wonderful!

Baking and feeding the duck. A lovely way to spend your time!

Look who has become a big sister!

When completing their animal homework a friendly duck appeared!

The lockdown doesn't stop the Tooth Fairy! Teaching the Tooth Fairy what you've been learning - what a great idea!

What a fantastic rollercoaster!

Abbie wrote a letter and made pictures for a local nursing home as she thought it would cheer them up.

Miss Murphy has adopted a duckling who’s lost it’s mum.

Awesome Art at home!

Baking a salt dough memory plaque - Well done, it looks great!

Adrian wrote a story.

Elliott has been working hard on his maths skills

Nathan has been really creative using Hama Beads!

Working really hard on some reading and maths activities. Great job!

Poppy has drawn a picture and practiced gymnastics!

A daily walk in the sunshine and spelling tricky words with tiles. Looks like fun!

Baking a yummy cake! Well done!

What a lovely rainbow! Well done for clapping for the NHS, what a great thing to do!

Brooke has been thinking about gratitude.

Beatrix has made an origami forest, she made a butterfly, a tulip, a frog, a sparrow, a pelican and a fox.

Fantastic Coronavirus Rules and a visit from the Police - who clearly approve!

Cutting, digging, writing and balancing - what fantastic learning!

Practising his football skills! Wow!

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What a lovely thing to do - being compassionate to your neighbours at this tricky time!

Mrs Jones has been baking brownies and playing games with her girls!

Miss Holden has been building a Lego house and making an Easter garden to tell the story of Easter

Busy doing maths and reading. This looks like an interesting book!

Being active at home - even the dog is enjoying it!

Busy doing lots of wonderful learning!

Gardening and caravaning on the driveway! Such happy times!

Having lots of fun learning at home!

Rainbows, helping at home and art!

Bike riding next to the canal - a great way to stay happy and healthy!

A wonderful picture celebrating the NHS!

An old tissue box, egg box and soap even squirts water like an elephant!

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A new puppy!

Here’s what Gracie the Tortoise has been up to since she left school...

At home Gracie spends most of her time outside. She has a safe enclosure that she loves because she can climb and dig - her favourite things to do. As you can see, Gracie has already been doing lots and lots of digging! She can eat plants outside but we still give her fresh fruit and vegetables to eat. 

Here she is stomping around her enclosure.

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Gracie had been sunbathing and contemplating her strawberry tops before going off to carry on digging. She’s very happy but I’m sure she is missing you all!

Looking after others, having fun and relaxing. Fun times!

A very busy week, painting, playing games, chalking outside, making Easter cards and a sleepover in the front room!

Making room for a new Hot Tub, and a wonderful self portrait!

Boxing practise and prank cakes!

Making tie dye head wraps, on a walk, drawing for the Easter bunny, PJ day, and some fantastic work!

A little song for you <3

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Findley has written an awesome story for you all to read.

Poppy has been busy learning lots - even making a lava lamp! It all looks very exciting!

Fun in the sun and learning new skills!

Loving this week's learning about animals. Drumming 'I Want to Break Free!' by Queen - great song choice!

Elliott has produced a wonderful piece of writing about a magical tree!

Making a bath bomb! Exciting!

Lots of fun learning and playing!

V.E. Day celebrations!

Beatrix has been having a go at Dig School! Looking at the evidence found during an archaeological excavation!

Stick insects, Easter bonnet, sunflowers! Many wonderful activities!