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When I Grow Up

We have been looking at different jobs that people do. One of the jobs we have looked at is a meteorologist. One of the things they do is to predict the weather. We watched weather forecasts and talked about the instruments they may use to help them understand and predict weather patterns. We are conducting a science experiment into rainfall. We have made our own rain gauges to measure rainfall. We have chosen where to place our gauges to measure rainfall in the school grounds.



Our science experiment

We are using the rain gauges we made in class to measure rainfall over the course of a week. We placed our rain gauges in four different areas around school. We thought carefully about where to put them. 

We have been checking them every day, recording our findings in a table.

We checked how much rain had fallen overnight. We used the scale on the side of the bottle to measure the rainfall.

At the end of the experiment we used the data we had gathered to make our own block graphs. We found this to be an effective way to show our data.

Meteorologists use several pieces of equipment to help them predict the weather and tell us what it will be like. Another instrument they use is a wind gauge. We decided to make our own wind gauge and use them to find out how windy it was and which direction the wind was blowing. We used lolly sticks, tissue paper and tape.
Then we used our wind gauge to investigate which area in the school grounds was the most windy. We enjoyed this investigation very much!
During our topic 'When I grow up' we had a fire drill. The Fire Service attended and made sure it was all safe for us to go back into the building. It was exciting to see the firemen do their job. It is a very important job and we are very grateful for all the work they do. They let us have a picture taken with them and even let us try on their helmets! 

Some of our parents and relatives have come into school to talk to us about their careers. We had career talks from an Ophthalmologist, a Nurse, a road worker, a jewellery maker and a plumber. We found the talks really interesting and we very much enjoyed them. When the nurse visited us we also learnt how to put someone in the recovery position to make sure they are safe while we wait for help to arrive. We also got to look at the tools people use to do their jobs and learnt how they are used. We got to handle all kinds of tools and equipment used by our visitors - we loved this!


Thank you very, very much to those who gave up their time to give these wonderful career talks to the year 1 children we really appreciate it! 

We came to school dressed for the career we want when we grow up...guess what we want to be! We had dancers, teachers, a director, zoo keepers, an name just a few!