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Where in the world?

We found magic keys!

We walked into the classroom and found these keys on the carpet...we weren’t sure what they were for but we thought they looked like quite old keys. Suddenly we had a phone call from Mr Martin telling us these were magic keys he had found in his attic. That could take us anywhere, in place or time. All we have to do is wish. So we walked over to our world map and we wished. Suddenly the whiteboard made a magic sound and a picture of a man appeared. We found out it was Sir Francis Drake, a famous explorer. We then researched all about him and went on a journey with him. 
We wrote down information about Sir Francis Drake in groups - making huge mind maps. 

We explored globes, the children found the UK and asked questions about the other lines on the globe. They found were Sir Francis Drake left from on his journey and then each other country. We then learnt about the equator and how countries are warmer nearer the equator as they are closer to the sun.  

We thought about what life/weather would be like for Sir Francis Drake’s family back in England while he was on his journey.
We then though if we were going on a journey with Sir Francis Drake, what kind of clothes would we take? What kind of clothes would we need for each part of the world e.g. near the equator and near the arctic. 
We tracked our journey on a world map on in class. 

How to keep healthy

After learning about condition on board boats along time ago for Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo, the children wanted to help people learn how to be healthy and hygienic.