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Y1 Miss Evans

Welcome to Y1

Staff in Y1

My Class

Your classmates from Reception class will be with you in Y1.



You will get a hanger for your coat. Your teachers will help you to learn how to put your coat on it.

We will hang the coats on the trolley. 


The coat trolley will be in the classroom in the morning. Then an adult will take it outside during the register. 



Bookbags go in the clear box. 




There are toilets for you to use really close to your classroom. We also have spare pants and clothes if you have an accident. If you need some just tell a grown up and they will help you. 


These are our toilets. 




P.E. Day

P.E. will be on Thursday morning. You will come in your outdoor PE kit. You will stay in your P.E. kit all day.  



Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles

If you bring sandwiches from home, you will put your lunch box or sandwich bag on the bottom shelf on the green trolley when you come into class. Don't worry, we will help you find it when you arrive.  


Your water bottle goes in the crate on the top shelf of the green trolley.



If you have dinners you will have a school lunch. You will eat it in the hall or the classroom. Miss Evans, Mrs Cox or Mrs Evans or a member of the lunch staff will take you to the place you are having your dinner.


Morning Playtime

Morning snack is fruit just like in Reception class.


We have a fruit box. Here it is.  


Afternoon Playtime

You can bring your own nut-free snack to eat at afternoon breaktime. We have a snack box too. It lives on the green trolley. Here is a photo of the snack box. 



Our Playground

We believe we will be playing on the junior playground. Your teacher will show you where your playground is on the first day. They will show you where you should play to stay safe. 








Learning Areas 


Outdoor Area

This is the outdoor area outside our classroom. We will also use the grassy areas like the school field. This is where you sat when you came to listen to a story. 




Maths Area

We have lots of Maths equipment in our classroom. 


Writing Area 

In here there are lots of interesting things you can write with. You can make your own book. You can trace letters in the sand or glitter. 


Water Area

We have ocean animals, containers of all shapes and sizes that you can fill and empty and objects you can test to see if they float or sink. Sometimes we use the water tray inside. Sometimes we use it outside. 



Construction and Block Area

In here you will find paper to draw plans, blocks and bricks to build structures, and wooden wheels and construction straws. I am excited to see what you build and add to our road mat. 



Small World

You will be able to invent stories and act them out with your classmates in here. You can build story settings like forests, oceans, magical lands, cities and towns in here too. 


Enquiry Area 

This is a great place to explore the world we live in. There are maps, a globe, magnifying glasses, books to read and look at and much, much more. 


Phonics Area 

This is our Phonics area. We have magnetic letters, games, cards to build words with, whiteboards on the radiator that you can write on. You might spot some of the Monster Phonics characters in here too!




Role Play Area

The Year 1s this year have enjoyed playing shops in here. Sometimes they like to pretend it is a cafe and take people's order in the notebooks. 




Art Area 

This is the Art area. In here you will find paint, chalk, felt pens and pencil crayons. We have paper in different colours to draw and scissors and glue for cutting and sticking. On the floor we have space to paint and aprons so we don't too messy. I can't wait to see what you create. We have space on the wall to put up your super work. 




Reading Corner

The is our reading corner. We have lots of lovely books like the ones we read during your visits.