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Y1 Miss Evans

Harvest 2019

What have we been learning?

Year 1 have been learning about where their fruit comes from. We found out that we get a lot of fruit from abroad which gives us lots of choice but it can be bad for our world, our farmers, our bodies and our money. We have made a calendar together to tell you which fruits are best in each season.


Why buy local seasonal fruit?

J Seasonal fruit is tasty and the wait could make you enjoy or appreciate your fruit more.

J Seasonal fruit means less waste for UK farmers

J Seasonal fruit is cheaper

J Seasonal fruit helps UK farmers

J Seasonal fruit is fresher

J Seasonal fruit keeps its nutrients

J Seasonal fruit is better for our bodies.

J Seasonal fruit is better for the environment


Maths - Positional Language 

Today we had a very kind donation of cakes to decorate. We learnt about the importance of positional and directional language when giving instructions.