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Y2 Miss Holden

Miss Holden will be your teacher

Mrs Pirdue will be your TA

Mrs Wood will be your teacher on a Thursday morning

The School Day

Our school day starts at 8:45 and we stay with our adult outside our classroom door until the door opens, then we will come in by ourselves.

School ends at 3:25 for us and at this time we will go and meet parents / carers where they dropped us off in the morning, just outside our classroom door.

Classroom door

Our Classroom

Everyone will be sharing a pencil pots on their table with the things that you need for your learning. Please don't bring lots of things from home, just the essentials (water bottle and afternoon snack).

Our classroom

Morning routine


When you come in in the morning.

  • You will go and find your peg, which will have your name on it. You will hang your coat (and swimming bag if swimming day) on here.
  • Then you put your bag (lunch box/book bag) underneath your table. You will know which is your table/chair as it will have your name on it.
  • Then you will go over to the sink and wash your hands.
  • If you have an after noon snack you can then put your snack into the basket on the step at the front of the room. 
  • Your water bottle will stay with you on your table. 


Don't worry Miss Holden and Mrs Pirdue will be there to help show you where everything is. Have a good look at the pictures and see if you can spot the hooks to hang your coats on, and the grey basket on the steps at the front to put your snack in. 

Calm places in the classroom

 Lunchtimes and Playtimes

We will still have a morning and an afternoon break and will play on the junior playground. At lunchtime, the children who have sandwiches will eat in the classroom or outside if it is warm enough. School dinners will be in the hall and you will be called to go in when it is your time. 


PE and Swimming


Swimming will be on a Wednesday - more information to follow.


PE will be on Tuesday afternoons next year. Please come to school in your PE kit - you will wear this all day so make sure whatever you’re wearing is suitable for the weather. It might be better to wear leggings or jogging bottoms. 



How hard is maths going to be?


To start with Maths will be very similar to the maths you do now. I will never give you maths that is too tricky, but it will get a tiny bit harder as you learn new things.


Where are our hats and coats going to go?


Your hats and coats will go on your own peg.


Where will we eat our lunch?


You will eat your lunch in the hall.


Where will we sit and do we have table colours?


You will sit in your place and your tables will not have any names.


Do we still do phonics?


Yes, you will still do phonics.


What's in the classroom?


There are many things in the classroom. I will add pictures of the classroom to the website.


Do we sit on the carpet?


No we will not be sitting on the carpet, you will be sitting at your table places for the start of lessons.