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Y2 Mrs Jones

We have noticed several children in class who are struggling with laces always coming undone and ending up tripping over! There is a way to replace these with a ‘no tie’ fastening without replacing the shoes. Below is an example of what you might look for, although they can be bought for as little as £3 depending on the colour combination wanted and where you purchase them from. 


Transition into Year 2


Hello my name is Mrs Jones and I will be your teacher this year. I love reading, I can’t wait to share some of my favourite books with you all. I’m sure you will love them too. I have recorded a story for you all to hear if you would like. You can find this underneath the pictures of your new teachers. 



I am very much looking forward to teaching you all in September, I am sure we will have a fantastic year together. 

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Dunks.


On Thursday mornings Miss Worthington will teach you music and RE.




Information for grown-ups!

At 8:45am school will start and it will finish at 3:25pm. Our waiting area is just outside our exterior classroom door at the beginning and end of the day. In the morning, an adult will come out to greet the children and they will line up ready to come in to class. We will sanitise hands on the way in to class. Parents can leave children in the line, just as they have done in Year 1. 


PE will be every Friday - children should come to school in PE kit suitable for the weather on the day. Children should wear dark tracksuit/shorts, a white t-shirt, sensible trainers.  


Swimming will be on Wednesdays for all children. Hair should be tied up, earrings must be removed and not taped. Children should not have temporary tattoos or nail polish on. Swimming kit comprises either a one-piece swimsuit or trunks (not shorts, no two piece suits) and a swimming hat. Children may bring goggles if they would like to wear them. Your child will also need a towel. All items should be named. Swimming kits should be left in the trugs at the swimming pool, not brought in to class.


Children don't need to bring much in to school with them. They should just have their coat, a book bag or other similar small bag (we don't have space for large bags) and a sports-style water bottle (no screw cap or wide neck bottles please as we have lots of spills otherwise). If children bring a lunch box, they will place it in the box provided as they come in to class.


This is the door to our classroom.

You will line up along the wall and Mrs Jones will take you in to class.

If you have packed lunches, you will put your lunchbox here.

You will label your healthy snack and put it in the snack box.

You will hang your bag and coat on your peg - it will have a label with your name on.

Water bottles go next to the sink.

The table where you find your name card is where you will sit all day.

You take your bee and add it to our hive to show that you are in school. Then return to your space.

Then you will sit in your place for the day and get on with the morning work.

This is our MindUp area.

This is our Cosy Corner.