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Y4-Miss Abbott

Welcome to Year 4!


Week beginning 20th March.

This week Group 2 will be swimming. 


We are a RAINBOW of possibilities.

Miss Abbott's Class Message to the Queen.

This week we were very kindly given the opportunity to create a tribute for the Queen. The children each drew how they remembered the Queen and created this lovely card. This card then traveled to London and was placed with all of the other tributes. Special thanks to our kind courier. 

The School Day

Our school day starts at 8.45am and we will line up on the infant playground
School ends at 3.25pm for us and at this time we will go and meet parents / carers on the infant playground.


Our Classroom

Everyone will be given their own pencil case with the things that you need for your learning. Please don't bring lots of things from home, just the essentials (water bottle, snack and reading book). The children are allowed to bring one healthy snack to eat at morning break. They do not need an afternoon snack. We ask that only healthy snacks are brought in to school; if unhealthy snacks are brought in we will ask that they are put back in bags to take home. Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle in to school. These are stored at the side of the classroom so they don't spill on work. We ask that bottles are filled with water only. If your child has a reason that they need something other than water, please speak to me. 


Lunchtimes and Playtimes

We will still have a morning and an afternoon break and will play on the junior playground. At lunchtime, the children who have sandwiches will eat in the hall or outside if it is warm enough. School dinners will be in the hall and you will be called to go in when it is your time. 


PE and Swimming

Swimming will be on a WEDNESDAY. You will swim every other week. 


Our PE session will be on a THURSDAY. Children should come in their kits on PE days, and that these should be the PE uniform: Plain dark leggings, dark tracksuits or dark shorts, and a white t-shirt. If children come in other clothes (e.g. football kits, bright leggings), they will be given a school PE kit to change into for the day.


These are the adults who will be in your class this year.