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Y5 Mrs Riley



Welcome to Year 5 - I am sure that we are going to have a brilliant year.  I know that some of you will be feeling a bit nervous - that's ok! We will have a chat on Friday about this and the things we will be doing this year. I know that it feels like things will all be different but actually lots will be the same - we will still have playtimes, lunchtimes, and we will be able to do some of the things that we couldn't do last year that I know some of you missed.

Who works in our class?

Where is my classroom?


My classroom is just around the corner from where you are now. We are on the corridor overlooking the junior playground. Over the summer it is going to be decorated so I will post pictures when it is finished. The other Year 5 class is next door. 

The tables will be set out so that everyone will have their place to sit. We may move around a little depending on the lesson. Everyone will have their own drawer to keep their things in that they need for the day.

Our routines

I will meet you outside the main cloakroom at 8.45am and we will go up to class together. We should be able to keep our coats in the cloakroom this year, but we will take our bags and lunch boxes up to class. We will have playtimes on the main playground with the other Y4,5 and 6 classes. 

At the end of the day we will come out through the cloakroom at 3.25 to meet parents and carers.

PE and Swimming


We will have PE on a Monday afternoon. We will try to be outside as much as possible so please come to school wearing suitable clothing - jogging bottoms, t-shirt,  trainers and a jumper. 

Our swimming will be on Tuesday morning but this won't start straight away and more information will be given out nearer the time.