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Hello Year 6 class and families!


Below is some information regarding the general school day. 


The School Day


Our school day starts at 8:50am and we will line up outside the cloakroom entrance so that we can go into class together. School ends at 3:30pm for us and at this time we will go and meet parents / carers outside the cloakroom entrance to go home.


Our Classroom


Everyone has their own space and their own pack of resources with the things used such as pencils, glue, rubber etc. Many children have brought in a small pencil case to keep their resources in. Please don't bring lots of things from home, just the things you need. For example your water bottle, snack, and reading book.


The Staff

Mrs Allsop will teach Monday and Tuesday morning and all day Wednesday.

Mrs Smith will teach on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and all day on Thursday and Friday.

Mr Gruffydd will lead your Spanish lesson.

Mrs Walker and Mrs Charlesworth are our class teacher assistants and Mrs Gillson supports one of our pupils.


Lunchtimes and Playtimes


We still have a morning and an afternoon break and will play on the junior playground. There is a rota for the football pitch, basketball shooter etc...At lunchtime the children who have sandwiches eat in the classroom or outside if it is warm enough. School dinners are eaten in the hall and are called to go in when it is their time. 


PE and Swimming


Our PE session is on a Wednesday - we will be outside wherever possible so please make sure you wear an appropriate kit on this day - t-shirt, joggers and a jumper and suitable footwear. Occasionally there will be other sporting events planned; we will let you know any additional days P.E. kits are required.

Swimming is on a Monday. Children swim alternate weeks. You will be reminded which group is swimming on the weekly app message (sent on a Friday).

And just for fun

the Stickmen... 


Hour of Code: Dance Party