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Year 1- Mrs Martin

Welcome to Year 1!



Chopping, peeling, grating and spreading-preparing for our Ugly Bug picnic!

We made a sculpture just like Andy Goldsworthy's

Sketching on a warm afternoon

A spotlight on Frozen and my favourite character Elsa!

This half term our topic is 'Ugly Bug Ball'

My SPOTLIGHT was on my Jack Russell dog, Domino

My Spotlight was all about how my caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies that I let go in my garden!

Spotlight on my pets- my rabbit and Terry the terrapin

It's always sunny in our Weather Forecasts!

What's the Weather Like?

This half term we will be learning all about the weather, both hot and cold, in the UK and abroad. We will be making weather forecasts and working out what clothes and accessories to wear.

SPOTLIGHT on my hamster. He's a Syrian hamster and he's very big.

We had a special visit from the Easter bunny!

Spotlight on my caravan. We've had so much fun with it!

This week we had a spotlight on dancing.

SPOTLIGHT on my best friend-my dog!

Look what 3D shapes we found...

Red Nose Make up artists! We looked SO glam!

Our latest Spotlight was all about George Stephenson

Spotlight on Footy-we are all experts now

We went to Outwood Academy to do fun World Book Day activities

We learned all about Tally and Biscuit in the latest Spotlight. They can be very naughty!

Spotlight on Charlie the golden retriever. We learned everything there is to learn about looking after him.

SPOTLIGHT: We heard the story of the Wide Mouthed Frog. It was SO funny!

We went to Chesterfield to learn all about George Stephenson

Spotlight on Kick Boxing

Spotlight about my cats

My Spotlight on the Magpies

Jo Jackson the Olympic swimmer came to our school today. We did some of the exersises she does to train and get fit.

We were brilliant!

What materials is our school made of?

WOW! Spaceship and flying saucer builders-you are A-MA-ZING!

Spotlight on Swimming

In our first 'spotlight' we learned all about how to be a good swimmer. Her speech was well spoken and very interesting. Well done!

Happy New Year!

Spring 1-Destination...Outer Space.

 The new topic programme has gone home with your child, but if you lose it, you can download it here.

Welcome to Miss Harris

Sadly Mrs Coop left us at the end of last term. We all wish her well in her new job.

Working with us on a Friday now is Mrs Rebecca Harris. We met her just before Christmas and look forward to her starting at the end of this week.

Party Time! Merry Christmas to you all


All children went home this week with a log in to some maths games on the Active Learn Primary website.

They have a username and password and there is a message for grown ups about e-safety. 

Autumn 2-The Bog Baby

We read the book The Bog Baby by Jeanne Harris

Our groups this term are :

Shells, Bluebells, Magic Ponds and Daisy Petals which are all in the book.

Can you find them?


We went on a Bog Baby Hunt but we didn't find any. We think they were asleep or scared of us.

Hunting for Bog Babies...

Autumn 1 Jolly Roger

We had such fun learning all about Evil Captain Abdul, Blackbeard, Ann bonny and Pirate Pete. Pirate Pete came to our school and dropped some biscuits, so we cooked some just like his using a very old pirate recipe. He also buried his treasure on our land. We found his map and went on a hunt to find his treasure. Guess what? We found all the booty!

Pirate Day- so scary but great fun!

Investigating Maths