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Year 2

On Monday 8th March we will be back in school. Miss Holden’s class will line up outside their classroom, as before. Mrs Jones’ class have a new lining up space, this is near the basketball hoop on the Junior yard. We will collect the children at 8:35am, if you arrive late, please take your child to the office to sign in. Adults must not use the steps to the KS1 building. Here is a video of us practising lining up. It might help your child be prepared if they see what to expect. 


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Suggested daily timetable and learning (found in each star)

Please note that this is only a suggested timetable and learning activities, we appreciate it may not suit everyone.  Feel free to choose the activities that best support your child. Each day's learning will follow the same timetable and pattern and mirrors what is taught in school. The recorded lessons are simple to access on any device and work is completed with paper and pencil - the only worksheet you will need is the maths worksheet which you can find right at the bottom of each learning page. Maths sheets are in the work packs in the outdoor classroom at school if you don't have a printer at home. If you need any extra help or information, then do not hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


We understand that this is a difficult time and some children are beginning to feel frustrated/anxious. The learning provided is like a menu of sorts and we are not insisting they complete it all, but it mirrors what is taught in school. If possible we would prefer children to complete the maths and English from the daily lesson schedule.There should not be too much writing in the lessons; most of the questions posed require just a verbal answer or some thinking time. It is vital children are getting some 'down' time in their day to play and exercise, just as they would each day at school - it's not constant concentrating in class. At school we would use Go Noodle and Brain Breaks (see the star below) alongside other mindfulness activities to help children manage their emotions and self-regulate. There are some ideas for these kinds of ideas/helpful information in the butterfly below. Do the learning that suits your child and your family circumstances; above all, know that you are doing a wonderful job! 


If you need any extra help or information, then do not hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Miss Holden is available if you would like to stay in touch, but queries about work and photographs of work should be sent to Mrs Jones in the first instance wherever possible. Miss Holden's email address is:




Extra resources

Online learning  (just click on the pictures)


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