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Year 2

Wellbeing Day in Y2

We started the day in dazzling yellow. What a cheery colour to brighten the day!


A Journey Through Musical Emotion

We learnt that music has a powerful effect on our feelings. We listened to the music and tried to name the feeling we were experiencing. You can enjoy them again here.

What are the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?

For BE ACTIVE we enjoyed a movement break outside to lift our mood and refocus our minds for learning. 


For TAKE NOTICE we went walked in silence and thought about the things we noticed on the way. We were distracting our busy brains with the things we could see, hear, feel, smell and taste around us.


For CONNECT we teamed up to talk together making sure that we listened to each other. 


For GIVE we watched a clip (see below) that taught us that one simple act of kindness can spread quickly and it may even help us as well if it is repaid in the future. When we smile, others can't help but smile. When we give, it can be rewarding for us as well.


For KEEP LEARNING we talked about how having a new skill or a task or activity can help us to keep our minds off unhelpful thoughts and feelings. In the afternoon we learnt how to make a worry doll.

Inspirational Video - Pay It Forward

Everyone, can help to make the world a better place!

Then we listened to Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and talked about times when we had felt worried. We learnt that our worries can be different to those around us. Sometimes our worries might not be a worry for someone else and that's ok. Worries don't always make sense and we aren't always sure quite what is worrying us. Billy was worried at night about hats and about footsteps.


We talked about what Billy could do with all of his worries and what we could do to manage worries we might have in positive ways.

Silly Billy by Anthony Browne

We made worry dolls using pegs and brightly coloured fabrics. Being creative is one way we can help our own wellbeing and it is a great way to express ourselves. We are going to take these home. They are a safe space where can share our worries as well as sharing these with a trusted adult.