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I hope you have now seen the email from Dr Bywaters about us having to isolate for the next 8 days. I understand that this will fill everyone with mixed emotions and aim to make the learning side of things as easy as possible. Therefore, to allow me to set things up properly for Monday, I would like to set something different for tomorrow. It has come at a good time, as tomorrow is our last day learning about Kandinksy! 


Tomorrow, if you are able to complete learning at home, then I would like you to create a Kandinsky inspired piece of artwork. We have learned a lot about his artistic style, and the elements within his work, including what he used to inspire his artwork and what life was like for him. If you need a refresher, then this is the video we used which you can watch again at home;


Your Kandinsky piece of artwork can be whatever size you want, and can use objects from around your home, as well as your drawing and colouring. Don't forget spaghetti is brilliant for parallel and perpendicular lines. In lessons we have focussed on:


  • the names and properties of 2D shapes
  • concentric circles
  • how to draw a circle using a piece of string and blutac
  • horizontal and vertical lines
  • whether shapes are regular or irregular
  • drawing accurate lines, using a ruler properly
  • parallel and perpendicular lines
  • acute and obtuse angles (not angels!)
  • right angles


Your art work should show an understanding of some of these elements. You may want to create your artwork whilst listening to music, just like Kandinsky did. Would you choose jazz music, or rather listen to something else? 


CHALLENGE: Can you include symmetry in your piece of art? If you need to learn about symmetry, then this link will be really useful;


Please send photographs of your final pieces of artwork to me, so I can add them in to our virtual art gallery on our class page. 




MOVING FORWARD: During the last lockdown lots of home learning packs were taken from the outdoor classroom. Please reply to this email if you would find them useful again for next week. I can arrange for them to be printed tomorrow if they will be useful and they will be available for collection from the outdoor classroom by tomorrow afternoon.


As always, I am available on email whenever you need me. 




Laura Webster

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Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Page


The links below will lead you to our Year 3 home learning. This is to cover 2 weeks of home learning in the event of a child in our year group having to isolate. 


You will find below:


* The White Rose worksheets for the learning that will be taking place in class each week. These should be used alongside the White Rose Maths home learning videos which can be accessed here: 


* An English activity book linked to the film Book of Butterflies. We are aware that this is KS1 booklet but feel that it is well placed for meeting the needs of our children given the time that they have not spent in formal education. The link to the film can be found here: We will update this through the year based upon our children's learning needs.


* The link to Oak Academy which sets out targeted home learning based on the National Curriculum. Our current topic is Back to the Stone Age. We have linked the specific pages on the Oak Academy website for you below. 


* A link to TTRockstars, Maths Shed and Spelling Shed.