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Year 3- Mrs Rawthore

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In our class we learn lots of things and work hard.frown

Thursday 4th June

Today we went to Tywcross Zoo to look at habitats and how animals adapt to their habitat. 

Healthy Sandwich Week

This week we learnt how to make a healthy sandwich. We know how to be hygienic, we can use the right tools to slice, mix and spread. We can do all this independently! Here are some of our sandwiches.

Monday 16th March

Today the artist Paul Priestley came into school to teach us about Van Gogh. Here are some photos of us drawing and painting. He showed us how to use different tone.

Monday 26th January

Here we are training with the Olympic Athlete Jo Jackson who visited our school. smiley

After half term we are writing extended stories on Beowulf and Grendel. 

See if you can find out about them and practise using those lovely adjectives to describe the village and the warrior. 
Here are some examples of our wonderful writing. 

Amelia- The Elves and the Shoemaker
Once upon a time there lived a very poor shoemaker called Fred. Fred had one piece of leather, just enough to make one set of shoes. That night Fred cut out the leather and went to get some super. That night a very young boy came knocking on Fred's door and said, "I have lost my mummy in this huge downpour please help me." 

Fred stared a the young boy, he did not want to leave him out in the rain. 

Lewie- The Elves and the Shoemaker

Once upon a time there was an ancient shoe shop. In the shoe shop there lives a shoemaker and his wife. One day there was only one piece of leather left and his wife said, "we need to sell this pair of shiny, glistening shoes." Just then a woman came in and said, "please may I have that pair of beautiful shoes?" 

"Yes" said the shoe maker and the woman paid twice the price. 

Madoc- It happened on the way to school
One cold and frosty morning I was walking to school. I went through the golden metal gates and scampered along the pebbly walk way. I played around my favourite ancient tree and looked at the curvy branches. I felt the tree and a noise caught my attention. It sounded like my favourite game. "Minecraft!" I whispered and I followed the noise. But then I fell down the hole I'd seen before! I fell down near spikes and they started turning square. 

Faith- The mouse who cried cat

He did this because he knew that one day a misty, inky eyed cat came creeping in the shadows terrorising mice. That means now they are all afraid of that one mystery cat. He was still terrified but he didn't mention it. 


We are now studying Anglo Saxons. Here are some descriptions of an Anglo Saxon village.


Leah- The chief soared past the knarled, grey, gloomy trees and into the jagged uneven village with the tight overgrown huts. He stumbled across the rotten swamp into the filthy black smith and gazed with excitement at the golden glittering sharp sward and sparks nearly flew into his eyes.


Faith- The chief came through the knarled branches of the curved trees and entered the rotten fence to the village. The chief looked around and saw the old ram shackled huts all in a row, all with thatched roofs. He stumbled across the bleak meadow of the village and as he trooped across he saw pigs roaming around with no fence or pen to stay in. The chief then felt the bitter wind.   



We have been looking at an Anglo Saxon village and wrote down notes of what we saw. 

It's Christmas!!

Here we are baking some Christmas biscuits. We got to decorate them with icing and toppings.frown

We work with maths friends to solve more complex mathematical problems. 

We have been measuring indoors and outdoors using cm and m. We have been trying to be very accurate. It would be good to practise at home. 

Volcanic explosion!!

As part as our Topic Volcanoes and Earthquakes, we put mints in coca cola to see the force of the explosion. 

We also made volcanoes with moving parts!
These are the Year 3 spellings.
Your children should already know these.smiley
We have been making models to show how to reinforce structures.