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Year 4

Contact emails for year 4 staff are listed below should you need to get in touch. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.


Please could you direct any queries and completed work to Miss Gleadall's email address. Thank you. smiley


During the next four days please follow the timetable as much as you are able. Miss Gleadall will commence with Teams on Wednesday, following the same pattern as previously. Please note that this Tuesday (23rd) there are Spanish and Art lesson provided in addition to the English and Maths. 


Best wishes from all of the year four team. 

Year 4 suggested home-learning timetable for isolation period

Fractions Wall

Times Tables Poster

Daily learning




The links below are for each day's White Rose maths work videos. Watch each one by listening carefully to the instruction and then complete the corresponding worksheet. Fill in as best you can and re-watch the video if you need help in any of the methods used. If you don't have a printer then copy and complete each question in your remote learning  exercise book which was sent home at the beginning of the school year.


Tuesday 23rd March:

Warm-up Video: Spr4.8.1 - Fractions of a set of objects (1) on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y3-Spring-Block-5-WO7-Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-1-2019.pdf (


Wednesday 24th March:

Warm-up Video: Spr4.8.2 - Fractions of a set of objects (2) on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y3-Spring-Block-5-WO8-Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-2-2019.pdf (


Thursday 25th March:

Warm-up Video: Spr4.8.3 - Calculate fractions of a quantity on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO9-Fractions-of-a-quantity-2019.pdf (


Friday 26th March:

Warm-up Video: Spr4.8.4 - Calculate quantities on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO10-Calculate-quantities-2019.pdf (



Tuesday: Y3-Spring-Block-5-ANS7-Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-1-2019.pdf (

Wednesday: Y3-Spring-Block-5-ANS8-Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-2-2019.pdf (

Thursday: Y4-Spring-Block-3-ANS9-Fractions-of-a-quantity-2019.pdf (

Friday: Y4-Spring-Block-3-ANS10-Calculate-quantities-2019.pdf (


You should also try to fit in around 10 minutes of Times Tables Rockstars practice within your maths hour. Here is the link:

Please make sure you select the password option, not the PIN to login to your account. Your usernames and passwords are glued into the inside cover of your yellow remote learning exercise books which were sent home at the start of term.


If you want to practice your number bonds, then Numbots is also a great website which you can use your TT Rockstars login to access.

Again, use the password, (not PIN) option to login.




Start your English session with some spelling practice. The words for this week are:

Miss Gleadall's class Miss Riley's class

Use your homework spelling booklet to practice them and complete the activities in full. 


Before we broke up for Christmas, both classes were given a list of all the words that we'd covered so far so refer to these for extra practice on the set of spellings as a whole.


Spelling Shed can also be used for extra practice. The link is below:


Reading: 10 minutes per day either independently or with an adult. Please continue to fill in your reading records. You may choose to read books you have at home or you can use the following Rising Stars reading website link to access books online. You will need a login for this which I can send you via the school app if you request it by emailing me.

Rising Stars - Login (


Core English lessons:


For this week, the children will use 'The Lighthouse' video (link below) and activity pack to complete tasks for English.


Tuesday 23rd March:

Watch a short film called 'The Lighthouse' and use the activity pack link (page 3) to answer the questions as directed.


Wednesday 24th March:

Warm-up activity: Use page 4 of the activity pack - 'Keep your eyes open' and cross off each item as you see it in the video. You may need to watch it more than once.

Main activity: Then use pages 6 & 7 of the activity pack to write your own diamante poem using 'The Lighthouse' as your focus. Follow the instructions on page 6 to do this and use the template on page 7 to complete the task.


Thursday 25th March:

Complete page 11 (Lighthouse comprehension) and answer the questions about the text on the sheet. You might also choose to do the word search on page 5 of the pack as a fun extra.


Friday 26th March:

Use pages 12 & 13 for today's lesson where you have the chance to write the lighthouse story from the point where the lamp smashes and the ship approaches. Follow the instructions and helpful tips for writing on page 12 of the pack and use page 13 to write the story. If you find writing the story too tricky, you could use page 14 of the booklet instead and make a comic strip of 'The Lighthouse' story instead based on the short film clip.


Link for the video. Click here...Lighthouse on Vimeo

The Lighthouse Activity Pack

Foundation Subjects:


Choose the right link/document below to match the year 4 timetable at the top of this page.


History (Monday PM)



Charanga music: Friday PM You should have a login for this from previous years but if you have misplaced it then please send us an email so that we can send it over to you. There is a section of work assigned for this called 'Lean On Me' which you can complete at your own pace.


Computing: Friday PM

Login to Purple Mash and look at the '2dos' section. This week's lesson is on coding and is called '2do Turtles.' When you have completed the work, don't forget to save and hand in the work on the website. The link to get you to the login page is below:


Science: Wednesday PM


Login to Purple Mash and look at the '2dos' section. This week's lesson is on coding and is called '2do Electrical Safety.' When you have completed the work, don't forget to save and hand in the work on the website. The link to get you to the login page is below:

P.E: Thursday PM

Choose from any of the following options below for your P.E session: Choose a video from Joe Wicks' youtube videos.


Wellbeing session 9: Growing Plants and Food - 20 minutes -

Yoga with SHAPE: Lesson 6 - 12 minutes -     

Physical Activity session 9: Growing Plants and Food - 24 minutes -


As a school, we also have access to an online P.E resource. You will need a username and password which can be sent to you via the school app if you request it. The link is below:


PSHE: Thursday PM

All Around Me (Oak Academy) Lesson 6: I have a dream (


R.E: No RE this week. See PSHE above.


Spanish: 23rd March 

Body parts. We are looking at body parts again to remind us of the words. 

watch the video and complete the worksheets. If you have not got access to the worksheet you can draw a body shape and label it in Spanish. 

Art: 23rd March

This week we have been looking at the work of Wassily Kandinsky and have begun to produce our own pieces of work in his style. As you were all enjoying it so much I would like to continue this at home. Please look at the attached PowerPoint presentation and follow the instructions to produce another piece of work, this time looking at his work produced just with circles. Can you produce your own work in this style? Think carefully about your use of colour. 

Thursday afternoon non-screen activities