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Year 4/5 –Miss Rhodes

On the afternoon of Friday 10th July the Year 4 children from Miss Shemwell’s and Miss Rhodes’ classes visited Outwood Academy to make clay bugs.


Some of our class took part in Bikeability. We had great fun bringing our bikes into school as well as learning some very important rules for when we go bike riding.

The Human Body

In Topic we have been learning all about The Human Body. We have been finding out about how our bodies work and what it takes to stay healthy and live longer.


In Science, we have been dropping different objects and conducting experiments about the force of Gravity.

Red Nose Day 2015.

 Look at the fantastic shields and weapons we have made at home!

We have made some fantastic Medieval pots in our Topic lessons.

Olympic Swimmer Jo Jackson came to our school to teach us how to keep fit.

In Topic we are learning about timelines to find out when the medieval times were.
We carried out an archaeological dig to find medieval objects.

Archaeological Dig

We have been examining real and replica artefacts borrowed from the Schools' Library Service: the sole of a shoe, a seal, a necklace, a thimble and a model of a ship. 

Some children dressed up in medieval clothing: metal gauntlets, linen tunic, one-legged trousers, woollen hat and leather boots.

In R.E. we have been learning about Hindu shrines in believers' homes called Pujas. The Puja tray holds seven items which the children replicated.
In Year 4/5 this week we have been making Christmas `chocolate crunchies'.  The children have made them with Mrs Corbyn and Mrs Hahn.

In English lessons we have been reading and writing poems.  Here are some of our simile poems.

Take a look at some of our fabulous artwork inspired by images taken from the Hubble Telescope

During Autumn Term 1 we made moon buggies and tested them to see how far they would travel.