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Year 5/6- Mrs Ross

Welcome to Year 5/6!


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

As part of our topic 'Our Bodies' and for Healthy Living Week we have made smoothies. We had to work in groups to weigh out and measure the quantities needed to make our smoothie. Once we had got all of our ingredients we put it in the blender to mix together. We then got to drink our smoothies. 
If you would like to make any of the smoothies. The recipes are below in the PDF.

in PE we have just completed a unit in dance. We had to choreograph a dance routine which combined different elements. These were:

  • balances
  • flight (jumps)
  • travelling


The music we danced to was from the musical 'Cats.' 

One to test how much force is needed to move an object is to pull it with a forcemeter . The forcemeter will then show how many Newtons of force it takes to get the object to move on the surface. 

This week we have started a new science topic - Forces. We have been looking at gravity. One of the ways we can see the effect of gravity is by looking at craters left in the ground by meteorites that have landed. The more a meteorite weighs, the deeper the crater and the more the dust, earth and rock is scattered. The size of a meteorite can effect the diameter of the crater it leaves in the ground. So we explored the effect of gravity on falling objects.

It was a lot of fun and messy too!! 

We had a nice surprise yesterday when the Nursery children visited us - their visit was very special, they were celebrating Chinese New Year. Some children were dressed as a Chinese dragon and the other children had musical instruments. The children wished us Happy New Year and recited a Chinese poem first in English then in Chinese. 

The winners of the vote were:

First place - Rachel

Second place - Ella and Jessica

Third place - Sophie and Hermione

As part of our half term homework we were asked to design and make a Bailey and Motte castle. Mrs Ross was very impressed with all the hard work and effort that had gone into making them. We voted the castle that we thought was the best. Some of us have sent our castles down to the Foundation Stage so that the reception and nursery children can play with them. 
This week we have been sketching and designing Medieval pots. We then made our designs from clay. 
In maths we used practical resources to solve the Egyptian Rope problem. This helped us to understand the different types of triangle and their properties.

Christmas Party Fun!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

On Friday 12th December we held our House Enterprise Christmas Fair. It was a great success and we raised over £400 for Ashgate Hospice. The winning house was Lucas who made a profit of £104.23! 


The children worked extremely hard and we were grateful for the support we received from the Design Technology department at Outwood Academy Newbold. Their stall raised £52.72 which they have kindly donated to Ashgate Hospice. Below are some pictures of the event.

Having fun in science!

Watching what happens when we add olive oil and salt to cold water. Why don't you try this at home to see what happens? 

On Friday 5th December we visited the Central Pentecostal Church to take part in a Key Stage 2 carol concert. 
This half term we have been working on an art project called People in Action. 
Here are some photographs from our visit to Pinxton Puppets.
As part of the Our Place in Space topic we made and tested moon buggies. Here are some examples. 
As part of our gymnastics topic we have worked with Miss Miles. 
Here are some key documents for you to look at.