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Year 6

Daily timetable for home learning

Here is a daily timetable for home learning. This will be updated every day. 


Home learning packs will be available from the outdoor classroom from Friday afternoon for the following week. 


If you need any extra help or information, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mrs Allsop

Mrs Smith

Mrs Ross

Friday 5th March


Vocabulary  – Prefixes and meanings 1


Teams Call


Times table challenge grid

  • Complete the timetable grid, if you finish quickly go on maths shed


Maths: Measures – perimeter, area and volume


Teams Call


English: The Dreadful Menace

  • Today you are going to plan a beginning to an adventure story. You will use the setting in the film and the characters will be the athletes.
  • Watch the film until 1min 15sec; you will need to focus on the skiers. Use the scene-by-scene grid to separate what you watch into these scenes – what words immediately spring to mind? Complete the boxes with words and phrases.
  • Look at some of the words and phrases you have noted down –turn some of these into different figurative language descriptions? Write these down on to the sheet.
  • Look at the opening to a modelled adventure story and find examples of figurative language that has been used.
  • Save the modelled text and the scene-by-scene as you will need these on Monday.



Here are some suggestions: (instructions on website in non-screen activities Year 5 and 6)

  • Nature crafts – dream catchers, painting sticks, headdresses/ crowns, weaving
  •  Natural art
  • Get sketching! Find a photograph or picture of a person, place or object and sketch it.



Edit sheet – 26 errors

Play TTRockstars for 20 mins

Read to yourself/ someone at home for 20 mins

Watch Newsround

Listen to Mrs Ross’ class read saved in the folder

Physical Activity

Physical Activity session 7: Natural Disasters (29 minutes)


Well-being session 7: Natural Disasters (20 minutes)


Yoga with SHAPE: Lesson 4 ( 17 minutes)


Additional resources that you may want to access