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At Highfield Hall we use Charanga to support our music teaching. This is an online music scheme which provides lots of visual aids and interactive resources to ensure children continually develop their skills and knowledge. Children use tuned and untuned instruments and engage in practical music lessons. Children are taught about the interrelated dimensions of music from the beginning of the scheme, ensuring they are able to use a variety of skills and are provided with the correct musical terminology. This builds as the children make progress and by the end of the scheme children are able to use this vocabulary confidently.

Interrelated dimensions of music:
  • Pulse – the steady beat of a piece of music
  • Pitch – the melody and the way the notes change from low to high and vice versa
  • Rhythm – (or duration) is the pattern of long and short sounds in a piece of music
  • Dynamics – whether a note, phrase or piece is loud or soft
  • Tempo – fast or slow
  • Timbre – the type of sound ie whisper/hum/sing/talk or twinkly/hard/soft
  • Texture – layers of sound which are combined (a number of instruments or voices playing together)
  • Structure – the way music is arranged ie verse, chorus, verse