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Our Rewards System

 We know that children love praise, and the feeling that their efforts are being ‘seen’ by staff.

We try to be really explicit about the things that we want to see in school, and actively 'teach' behaviour (see our behaviour for learning policy for more details!). We always try to promote positive behaviour in school, encouraging and rewarding the behaviour that we want to see.


Positives include:

  • Positive recognition; giving genuine, specific praise for making good choices (“I love how you’ve taken turns in using that equipment!”)
  • A weekly class target for positive behaviour, with anyone ‘caught’ doing it getting their name on the board
  • House points building up to the winning house getting a reward (extra play, non-uniform day etc)
  • Whole class rewards (when everyone is doing the right thing) building up to a treat
  • ‘Secret missions’: The mission is only known by the class, for example lining up at the end of play sensibly, and the class get a point if this is praised by member of staff from another class
  • Green cards – certificates for going ‘over and above’ in learning or behaviour: 10 green cards leads to a reward at the end of a half term
  • ‘Hot chocolate Friday’ where a child from each class, who is almost always doing the right thing, is nominated to have hot chocolate with Dr Bywaters on a Friday (or an ice lolly in the Summer)
  • CARE values certificates


If your child brings home a green card, or talks about going to ‘hot chocolate Friday’, or mentions success in the secret mission, please support us by being really enthusiastic and telling your child how proud of them you are!