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We are very proud to be a myHappymind school. This means that every single child, from Nursery to Year 6, receives weekly mental health education as part of their whole school education. myHappymind is a mental health and well-being programme to support children in learning habits to support their own mental health.
The myHappymind program contains five modules. These are:
* Meet Your Brain: Understanding how your brain works and how to ensure we look after it so that we can manage our emotions and be at our best. Growth mindset is a key part of this too.
Celebrate: Understanding your unique character strengths and learning to celebrate them. This is a fantastic module for building self-esteem.
* Appreciate: Understanding why gratitude matters and how you can develop gratitude as a habit. Gratitude is key to well-being and resilience and we're all about making it a habit!
* Relate:Understanding why positive relationships matter and how to build them. We're focussed on the building blocks of good relationships and friendships.
* Engage: Understanding how to set meaningful goals that matter and how to keep resilient in times of challenge. This module is all about building self-esteem and resilience too.
Our Happiness Heroes are...
myHappymind in the classroom...
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