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Year 4

Mindful Zen with some of the year 4 children
The children enjoyed taking meditation breaks during the day.
This peaceful and powerful Meditation helped children relax with mindfulness meditation focused awareness, imagining a mystical, mindful mountain high up above all thoughts. Perfect for anytime of day or night, this meditation for kids helps children learn how to better relax, focus on their breathing, become aware of body sensations, reduce stress, and let go of worries or anxiety from their busy days.
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During the afternoon the children understood that we can experience many different emotions. They reflected upon how to recognise and explain them in themselves and others. They then considered whom they can go to for help when their emotions are strong and how dealing with their feelings can help their wellbeing.
Throughout the day the children had movement breaks. This helped them to re-energize their bodies while giving their brain the time it needs to process learning and their emotions.

Our Homework
The children's homework this week was to take the time to complete a mindful task. This could have been stargazing or even bug hunting. The children had a great time discussing their adventures from the weekend. Here are just a few of the activities the children have completed.