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Mental Health Awareness 2023

Year 3

The Year 3 children spent Mental Health Awareness Week learning about the brain and how the different parts of our brain contrail different things. To end the week, we invited our parents in to school to join in with lots of mental health activities. It was such a wonderful event.
Year 4

This week in year 4 the children were secret kindness agents they have been sharing acts of kindness with a secret person within the class. This allowed the children to experience spreading kindness within the room without anything in return. We also shared why we were grateful to have our friends in class.

We also looked at how we can keep our minds healthy. We discovered that every body is different and finds different things helpful when keeping our minds healthy. Some of us like to read a book or go for a walk, some of us like to complete yoga or meditate, some of us like to take a bubble bath or have a long nap. The children also discovered that if we look after our bodies we are also looking after our minds. This could be through a balanced diet and exercise but also ensuring we have plenty of rest and keep hydrated.
Year 5

In Year 5 we talked about our digital wellbeing. We talked about what could do if we saw something we were uncomfortable with online. We also discussed ways to stay healthy including limiting time spent online and making sure that we stopped using devices well before bedtime.

We also talked about our positive inner voices and how these can help us to stay confident and combat negative things that people may say to us. We thought of affirmations that we would like to say to ourselves and we turned them into a piece of artwork - our very own positive affirmation mirrors.
Year 6

The Year 6 children each thought about their feelings, what makes them worried and how worries make them feel. They brought all of their work together to join their whole class's ideas in to one place. It makes a very powerful read!